100 tools to launch & grow your start-up without web developer, without graphic designer and (almost) without money

My name is Maxime Blondel (Blondy). I’m the CEO & co-founder of The Secret Company, a studio building scalable, remote, self-funded companies. Today, I want to share with you this articles: 100 tools that can change your life.

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No equipment. No money. No help. Only you and your motivation / ambition / resilience.

Well, okay, the title is a little rough, but finish reading and you will see it was not bullshit.

As a guarantee of transparency, let me introduce myself:

My name is Maxime Blondel, I am 22 and I live in the suburb of Paris. Like many people of my age, the thing that motivates me most in life? Projects with friends! I used to be President of the student association of my University Institute of Technology for 1 year. Following this amazing experience, I saw a market opportunity and launched a niche website called AnimationEvenement.com, a marketplace that allows any event organizer to find a group of Brazilian dancers, a roller coaster simulator in virtual reality, a cotton candy culinary stand and +500 animations on demand anywhere in France. Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing acquired, I decided to stop my studies to discover entrepreneurship for 2 years. With 3 friends, we launched a start-up (The Young Economy — “The ideal promotional tool for young talents”), finally crashed after 11 months. On october 2017, I joined Le Wagon (Paris), an intensive 9-week coding bootcamp. Those were 2 incredible months! I’m now developing AnimationEvenement.com and duplicating its model in 3 complementary marketplaces :

During those years, by dint of discussing these projects, entrepreneurship and start-ups with my loved ones, I realized there was a huge gap between the reality and their vision of all that.


  1. The associative campaigns? We were told we partly won thanks to our super communication. None of us mastered Photoshop.
Screenshot of one of my Google Chrome “favorites” folder

These things said, let’s come to the facts. What’s following is the result of 7 years of monitoring: blogs articles of entrepreneurs/investors, meetups of accelerators/incubators, discussions on private facebook/slack communities, listings by tech journalists, Product Hunt’s rankings… All these tools were scattered across the Internet. I found it useful to favorise them on my Google Chrome navigator to keep track on. They will help you create, launch and grow what the industry calls a “Minimum Viable Product”: a first hyper-simplistic version of your product’s idea which goal is to validate your hypothesis (and its economic viability). Some are more sharp and often freemium. Today, I hope the greatest number will benefit from reading this:

BEAUTY TOOLS (design, photos, videos…)




  • Squarespace or Shogun are the best way to launch an e-commerce website in 24 hours. Shopify is a more complex but more complete option. If you are a restaurant owner, my friends from Innovorder are the best to help you on this subject.

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS (content, reach, automation..)

  • The best social media robot to grow your number of Instagram followers, Twitter followers or automate prospecting on Linkedin: My Name is BOND

EMAILING TOOLS (best practices, find contacts…)

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS (communicate, brainstorm, organize…)

SALES TOOLS (search, organize, & close deals…)

MOBILE APP TOOLS (build, optimize, grow…)


(for french people mostly)


GROWTH TOOLS (automation, web scrapping…)


  • Find a journalist’s email adress: Hey Press, Babbler, Email Hunter, Norbert, Name2email, Snovio, GetEmail.io, pipl, ProspectBird, AnyLeads

Hope you found your happiness!

As a conclusion, here are the 3 best tips I can give you, based on the mistakes I made by the past:

  1. If you want to launch a start-up, resonate more in terms of “project”. First and foremost, launch business projects that aimed at solving problems of potential customers 💰

Note: I am not paid by any of the companies I am mentioning here. Also, I do not guarantee the exhaustiveness of the tools listed. New ones appear every day, and the specificity of your project will likely require additional resources. Besides, I invite you to comment alternatives or to mention some essentials that I would have forgotten.


(And many thanks to Arthur Mazurel who corrected my broken English ❤)

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CEO & Co-founder @ TheSecretCompany.co 🗝️ // Otherwise: 🪂🎸🤹📝🐙🍷🥩

CEO & Co-founder @ TheSecretCompany.co 🗝️ // Otherwise: 🪂🎸🤹📝🐙🍷🥩

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