3 months at REVERSE by The Family: Lessons learned, with heart 💖

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The REVERSE Family Photo 🐺

« Before doing the masterpiece, we do the sketches. »


👉 www.joinreverse.co 👈

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1 hour with Xavier Niel. No phone. No audio. No camera. Only ears and well-kept secrets.

One goal: financial emancipation 🌴

From 2pm, our mission was to create “Muses”. Which means: small automated business. The goal? Create a financial annuity, a monthly income at least semi-automated. A way to acquire a different relationship to money and risk in the future, if one would like to launch a more ambitious project: a start-up for example.

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An influencer in a private facebook group
  • The Million Dollar Homepage: « 1 million pixels. $1 per pixel. Own a piece of internet history ». GENIUS.
  • I Am Rich: a Mobile App sold for $999.99 (maximum price on the App Store) with only a diamond image when you open the app.
  • Once upon a time, you could find 2 exactly similar yoga mats on Amazon. One much more expensive than the other. The most expensive one ensuring that its quality was much better. And then, some people like to pay more to reassure themselves… 😉
  • Want to buy a star for your loved ones ? Star Registration. You can also invest in a parcel of the moon with Lunar Embassy. (I dit it…)
  • Many successful Muses are PDFs sold by individuals who possess or compile a rare/useful knowledge. For example: Evernote Essentials
  • A lot of Muses are also marketplaces. For example, if you have already played to WOW, Guild Wars or Dofus, you may have already bought credits or wealth on pirate websites. These are factories of gamers in China that amass virtual riches to sell them in real life to Western players.
  • « A Playlist Scammer May Have Stolen $1 Million From Spotify ». Genius too.
  • And there is much more Muses around than we think…

A precious environnement of skilled & ambitious youngsters 💫

I’ve met incredible people at REVERSE.

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On our way to The Family Castle for a working/partying week-end 🏰✨


  1. At The Family, it seems like entrepreneurship is seen from a new angle : I noticed that one Saturday, Oussama compared startup entrepreneurs to top athletes, and his job to that of a coach of stars. By thinking more about it, I’ve realized: some people are born with greater aptitude (physical, mental or social). Some are gifted, okay. But only hard work and quick failures in the long run pays the most. Once again, learning curve is key. If you practice entrepreneurship everyday, you will become better and better, faster.
  2. There is a moment during these 3 months when I realized that money could be done. By many ways. So, it’s the adventure that counts, in its difficulty as well as in its moments of euphoria. The goal is important but the way to achieve it counts more. It’s a great lesson. In life as entrepreneurial.
  3. I think the last thing I realized, or at least confirmed, is that more than ideas, skills, work, execution or finances… In life as in entrepreneurship, what matters is people. It’s all about people. final point.

The good news? 😋

There will be a new promotion of REVERSE very soon!

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