The Secret Company 🗝️

Do you know what a secret really is? It’s something you can tell everyone, but only a very few people will actually understand it.


A few months ago, I realized something important: what makes me happiest in life, on a daily basis, is to help others.

Unlocking a business problem, connecting 2 people who deserve to know each other, discovering a new practice, finding a job to someone… I have 1,000 faults, but this, I think I’ve always done, as much with my closest friends as with strangers who contacted me through Linkedin or any other way.

It took a while, but I realized that’s what I was about.

Because I’m convinced: we all have something rare, a secret ingredient, a talent, a magic power. Sometimes it’s an asset, sometimes it’s access, sometimes a soft skill, sometimes a passion…

No, it is not utopian.

It’s just about finding what, as quickly as possible, and in what context does this thing shine & rise.

So I decided to take on a challenge for a few weeks: let’s interview as many people as I can. First my friends. Then the friends of my friends. Then people I don’t know at all, on planes & parties.

Why? To pinpoint the rarities I see in these people, in their story. The secrets they expose but that not everyone uncovers.

What for? To help them start their own thing, their own business. For those who dream about it secretly but who lack that little boost: a bit of courage, a foot in the stirrup, the right tools to start, some support at the beginning, a bit of money, sometimes a project idea…

And after a few months playing this game, I’m extremely happy to announce the opening of this new project I’m launching with The Family:

The Secret Company 🤫

A studio building scalable, remote, self-funded businesses.

So, if you are at a turning point in your life, if you feel that flame inside your stomach, if you’re looking for a project idea, if you want to take risks…

Whatever your reason is, it’s a good one.

You have my email.

Oh, and you want to discover some projects that we’ve already released? Some have a CEO. Others don’t. 😉

#1 — My Name is Bond

Value proposition: Your social media growth secret agent.

The product: basically, we have developed the most secure & discreet social media automation robot on the market. It works with Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter. For personal branding as well as corporate branding. Every day, our robot will perform a hundred of very targeted actions for you: mass follow on Instagram, follow-unfollow on twitter, send prospecting messages on Linkedin… Our technology allows us to guarantee our clients 0% chance that their account will be blocked or banned by these networks.

How did it all start? I’m a web tools and micro-SaaS fana. My best friend M(arion) knows that. M worked in Dubai in one of the most fashionable social media marketing agencies of the moment. Back from Dubai, I introduced Marion to another of my best friends, Pierre (Q). Pierre is a talented engineer and a fan of automation/robotisation/RPA. Together, they developed during the COVID-19 lockdown a tool to automate social media growth on Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter, impossible for these social networks to detect.

Milestone: 10,000€ MRR in 4 months.


#2 — SEO Secret

Value proposition: SEO Secret is an SEO-optimized content creation partner for ambitious companies.

The product: We first do an SEO audit of your website for free. Depending on the identified weaknesses & strengths, we recommend you one of our packaged offers: Website Redesign, SEO Copycat, SEO Mapping, SEO Blitz, SEO Backlinks, SEO Blogging, SEO Press, SEO Kickstart, SEO Copywriting… So that your Google ranking improves drastically over the next 6 months.

How did it all start? 3 years ago, with my friends Robin & Adams, we analyzed, Tripadvisor, Buffer, Hubspot & Zapier, content strategies (which made them successful & famous), tried it on our own past businesses (4 marketplaces in the event industry), and created the SEO one-stop shop that replicates this strategy for our clients.

Milestone: 200 quote requests during the first 24 hours, with no marketing budget.



Value proposition: Spy on your competitors product placements + Search & reach out to the best influenceurs for your e-commerce business.

The products: Concretely, our software allows you to track the placements of influencers on Instagram & Snapchat, and for which brands they do it. We add to this a battery of metrics on their engagement rate, what their community looks like, their estimated average story price… And very soon, e-merchants will be able to manage from A to Z their influencer canvassing campaigns.

How it all started? I met Thibault, the CEO, quite randomly, on the Internet. At the time, he was experimenting with a clear product-market fit, but at the same time a conflict with an ex-co-founder who had run off with the Tech, which had become their main competitor.

After dozens of exciting discussions, to help them in pay it forward, Thibault and Loïc (CTO), proposed us to join their co-founding team, with a mission to go together 100 times higher and further. That’s the kind of deal we love!

Milestone: 30,000€ MRR in the first 3 months.


#4—VYS Games

Value proposition: An app development studio creating multiplayer mobile games.

The products: we develop mobile games for friends 🎉 Our first app is named VAKARM, a multiplayer game that takes the concept of “who is the most … in the room?” and “who in the room must realize this pledge: …?”

How did it all start? I met Valentin on a recommendation from Oussama Ammar, one of the co-founder of The Secret Company. With 2 friends, Valentin had a project to create a development studio of mobile apps for students, and so did I! Valentin and his friends were looking for a mobile developer. We had this in our bundle, so we decided to team up.

Milestone: 500,000 downloads in the first 20 days of their 1st app launched.


Now you know (almost 😉) everything!



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