« Do you know what a secret really is? It’s something you can tell everyone, but only a very few people will actually understand it. »

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My name is Maxime Blondel (but you can call me Blondy).

I’m the CEO of The Secret Company, the bootstrapped startups studio 🐙

For each of the ambitious product ventures we build from scratch, we are looking for a singular CEO, CTO and CMO 👨‍🎤🧙‍♂️👩‍🔬

In 3 years, the startups we co-created went from 0 to 20 million € of ARR.

Today, I’m excited to unveil… Blondy’s Secrets, my personal newsletter about:

  • The behind-the-scenes of building a Startup Studio.
  • Straightforward, unconventional entrepreneurial lessons, from this month.
  • News on the progress of our startups

And a few passing opportunities: search for co-founders, job openings…

Are you in?




Maxime Blondel (aka Blondy)

CEO @ TheSecretCompany.co — The bootstrapped startups studio 🐙 In 3 years, we went from 0 to 20 million € ARR 📈